New to DVD – 5th November 2013


“I told them you do a great English accent, particularly with a cock down your throat.


Lovelace provides little else than a dramatisation of the titular actress’ Wikipedia entry, and not always a strong one at that. There are too many aspects to this film that feel shallow, such as themes that are abandoned before real exploration, as well as moments where the film seems to be glazing over the more traumatising moments of Lovelace’s life. When the narrative doubles back on itself and fills in crucial gaps in the story, it embarks upon a winning streak until its deflation courtesy of the poorly thought-out score, which transforms what could have been a Casino-strength tale of domestic abuse into a fractional resemblance of Hot Fuzz‘s faux-noirish reveal.

But I do recommend this film to anyone who enjoys seriously skilled acting. Amanda Seyfried perfectly encapsulates the innocence and naivety of the pre-Deep Throat Lovelace, where watching her confidence incline gives the film a genuine feel-good factor. That’s until Peter Sarsgaard, playing Traynor, overtakes as his simmering performance constantly threatens to do. He operates on a brilliantly structured crescendo and steals the show around the mid-way point, where he leads the film into quasi-horror territory. Futhermore, Lovelace’s dad is the fucking T-1000.

It could have been better – 90 minutes to tell someone’s life story? No – but it’s still an enjoyable film that benefits from having a 50/50 team of writers who add both masculine and feminine touches to a film that have gotten uncontrollably porny at any given point. I suppose it’s a version of Boogie Nights that you can watch if you’re strapped for time and/or aren’t prepared for that film’s engulfing emotional assault. Good as a Friday night rental if you want something to provide something you’d like as well as something your girlfriend would like; at least it’ll stop you having to watch the bastarding Notebook again.

Directed by: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Written by: Laura Rister, Heidi Jo Markel, Jason Weinberg, Jim Young
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody, Juno Temple
Studio: Eclectic Pictures, Untitled Entertainment, Animus Films, Telling Pictures
Distributed by: Millennium Films, Radius-TWC
Released: 9th August 2013
Running time: 93 minutes
Country: USA


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