Man of Steel

New to DVD – 12th November 2013


“Nice suit, son!


Yet another movie from the guy who likes comic books and games more than he likes films. Zack Snyder’s latest product Man of Steel has been described by some to be as solid as its title, but instead it’s as lumpish and as bland; an overlong caricature of that cool-looking-yet-slovenly-paced-action thing that Synder tends to do. It could have been extremely worth your while if it had only delivered on its premise, which trades in the traditional proclamations of Superman’s strengths in favour of an evaluation of his weaknesses. Points for the idea, but not the approach – after all, whose weaknesses are really the ones on show here?

With barely any moments of glory, zero character development and enough plot-holes to fill the Albert Hall, Steel has little which approximates catharsis. It feels as transitory and functional as a mid-season TV episode, populated with listless performances and smothered by its gloomy score. Yet again Snyder thinks he’s being smarter than he actually is by slipping in edgeless commentary on social xenophobia (which The Dark Knight already covered proficiently) and 9/11 imagery that eventually turns the film into a blind act of patriotism that still manages to feel spectacularly irrelevant. The prevailing reason to see Man of Steel is to check out the action sequences, which get better and better as the film progresses; aside from that, it’s a generally placid experience that is enjoyable at times, but mediocre for the most part.


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