We’re the Millers

New to DVD – 19th November 2013

We're the Millers

“Thank you, dickheads!



We’re the Millers could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t actually hilarious. Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston, properly and appropriately lacking in chemistry as pretend spouses, navigate the film through a ridiculous and far-fetched story by delivering jokes a lot better than you might expect; and unlike too many recent examples, the humour stays away from dated homophobia and gross-out for the most part. It’s possible the film is a parody of the largely deus ex machina riddled two-bit thriller given Millers‘ deadline based life-or-death drive and (purposefully?) underdeveloped storytelling firing out bizarre plot points at each and every turn. But even if this is the case, it doesn’t work, and Millers’ desultory nature limits its scope. It’s a shame because the film is at times extremely funny and rife with pop culture references, which in a more strongly constructed (and human) film could have yielded summer 2013’s defining statement. What works to the advantage of Sudeikis’ character is that he eventually figures out that the easy option is rarely best; what works to the disadvantage of We’re the Millers’ creative team is that they don’t.

Directed by: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Written by: Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders, John Morris
Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts
Studio: New Line Cinema, BenderSpink, Vincent Newman Entertainment
Distributed by: Warner Bros.
Released: 7th August 2013
Running time: 118 minutes
Country: USA


2 thoughts on “We’re the Millers

    1. Because that doesn’t necessarily make it a good film, it fulfils its job as a comedy and does little else. There are other films that do the same but are better in loads of other places too, and besides I’m not rating it on how good a comedy it is, it’s how good a film it is altogether.

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